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LivePlan Cloud Integration Addon

Plan, fund, and grow your business with LivePlan and Xero

Plan and grow your businesses with a powerful, easy-to-use set of financial tools.

LivePlan Cloud Integration

The planning app that helps you build a better business

LivePlan transforms complex accounting data into easy-to-understand dashboards. It facilitates informed decision-making by offering a streamlined, time-saving approach to creating smart budgets and visual financial reports. 

We love LivePlan for the clarity it gives to our clients. Whether you’re looking to understand your financial health better, make strategic decisions, or set future goals, LivePlan functionality can provide you with powerful support.

For entrepreneurs at the helm of small organizations, LivePlan is an invaluable tool for setting and achieving ambitious goals. 

Accountants and advisors will find LivePlan indispensable thanks to its profitable advice, tracking of client profits and cash flows, and refining of business strategies. 

LivePlan’s step-by-step approach demystifies financial management, making it accessible and actionable. You’ll be able to plan confidently with comprehensive expert support,  

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Seamless integration with Xero

LivePlan’s real-time synchronization

Beyond spreadsheets

LivePlan’s real-time synchronization with Xero accounting data eliminates the need for cumbersome spreadsheets. This integration brings your financial data to life through engaging infographics and dashboards, allowing you to monitor your business’s performance effortlessly. Identify trends, understand your financial standing, and leverage these insights to manage your business more effectively.

Industry insights and competitive analysis

One of LivePlan’s standout features is its ability to benchmark your business against similar companies. This comparative analysis answers critical questions about your profit margins and net profit per employee relative to industry standards. Such insights are crucial for strategic planning and positioning your business for success.

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Why choose LivePlan for your business?

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Simplified financial planning

LivePlan simplifies the financial planning process, enabling you to create detailed budgets and forecasts with ease. Its intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance ensure that financial management is no longer a hurdle but a powerful growth lever for your business.

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Real-time financial visibility

Gain immediate insights into your financial performance with LivePlan's real-time dashboards. This constant visibility helps you make informed decisions quickly, keeping your business agile and responsive to market changes.

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Strategic goal setting and tracking

With LivePlan, setting financial goals and tracking progress becomes straightforward. Its tools help you define clear objectives, measure your achievements, and adjust your strategies to stay on track.

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Collaborative platform for teams and advisors

LivePlan fosters collaboration between business owners, accountants, and advisors. Share access to your financial plans and reports, ensuring that everyone involved is aligned with your business's financial goals and strategies.

LivePlan puts you back in control

Customisable dashboards

Tailor your financial dashboards to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business. LivePlan's customisable interface allows you to highlight key financial indicators. You'll always have relevant data at your fingertips.

Data-driven decision making

Make decisions backed by solid data. LivePlan's analytical tools help you to analyse and interpret your current performance and financial data, giving you clear future financial visibility so you can make smart, strategic business decisions. With LivePlan, you are equipped to successfully reach your business goals.

Continuous learning and improvement

LivePlan's comprehensive support resources take the program beyond a planning tool. With its resources and support you can continuously refine your financial strategies, adapt to new challenges, explore "what if" scenarios, and seize opportunities for growth.

Getting started with LivePlan

LivePlan transforms financial management and business planning from necessary tasks into strategic advantages. Integrated with Xero, LivePlan is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to thrive in today’s competitive environment. 

Join the community of successful entrepreneurs, accountants, and advisors who have discovered the power of LivePlan. Let ACE help you set up and make the most of this game-changing tool today!