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Accounting for eCommerce is perfected with A2X

A2X simplifies and streamlines eCommerce accounting for Amazon sellers and Shopify store owners 

Bookkeeping for e-commerce

Why is A2X useful for eCommerce merchants?

Platforms like Amazon and Shopify generate a vast array of transactions daily, from sales to refunds and adjustments. Managing these transactions through spreadsheets is both error-prone and incredibly time-consuming. 

A2X automates the transfer of data into Xero. This ensures that each transaction is accurately accounted for, saving you precious time and reducing manual errors.

For Amazon retailers:

For Shopify store owners:

Seamless integration with Xero

A2X enhances the capability of Xero’s accounting software by providing an effortless connection to Amazon and Shopify. This integration simplifies the process of extracting transactions and transferring them to Xero, ensuring:

Accuracy and compliance

Customised ledger accounts

Why A2X is essential for your eCommerce business

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Time-saving automation

Say goodbye to the manual entry of e-commerce transactions. A2X automates this process, freeing up your time for more valuable business activities.

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Financial clarity

With A2X, understanding your e-commerce finances has never been easier. Get instant insights into sales and expenses, enabling informed decision-making.

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Scalable solution

As your business grows, A2X grows with you. Its scalable functionality is designed to handle increased transaction volumes effortlessly.

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Expert support

Our partnership with A2X means you have access to expert advice and support, ensuring you maximize the benefits of this powerful accounting solution.

Getting started with A2X

With its seamless integration with Xero and focus on accuracy and efficiency, A2X is the tool you need to propel your business forward. For more information on how A2X can transform your e-commerce accounting, or to get started with integrating A2X into your business operations, get in touch. We’ll take the hassle out of e-commerce accounting, so you can focus on your business.