How to Make a Cash Flow Forecast for Your Business

Why a Cash Flow Forecast is Essential

Creating a cash flow forecast helps you track your business’s money coming in and going out. It’s a vital tool for monitoring your financial health throughout the year. Break down your budget into three main areas: everyday operations, investment income, and financing.

Easy Steps to Create Your Forecast

Wondering how to start? At ACE, we simplify it for you. Just add up all the cash you expect to receive and all the payments you’ll need to make. This gives you a clear picture of your future cash position and flow, crucial for making informed financial plans. It’s not just good for you; banks and investors will appreciate it too.

When Will I Need a Cash Flow Forecast?

  • Thinking about buying a new company car but worried about future cash?
  • Unsure if you’ll have enough to cover holiday pay in May?
  • Need to replace office equipment but wondering when?
  • Considering hiring extra staff due to unforeseen circumstances like COVID?

Let ACE do the Heavy Lifting

Deciding to prepare a cash flow forecast is smart. Letting ACE handle it? Even smarter. Save time, avoid errors, and possibly save money by ensuring it’s done right.

Beyond Cash Flow Forecasts

ACE doesn’t stop at cash flow forecasts. We also specialise in:

  • Investment budgets
  • Financing budgets
  • Operating budgets
  • Annual or multi-year budgets

Looking for a Cash Flow Statement Example?

If you need a straightforward example of a cash flow statement to guide you, we’ve got you covered. Just get in touch and we’ll happily share an example with you so you have a clear idea of where to start. Contact us if you need further assistance or if you’d like us to review your work together.

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