An enhanced user experience for the Xero status page

We are aware of how critical it is to have rapid access to information regarding what is occurring and why when the features and products you use aren’t functioning as they should be. For this reason, Xero made certain adjustments to the Status Page to make sure the data you receive is more reliable.

When you visit Xero’s status page, you’ll see that both the information’s grouping and the update’s substance have changed slightly.

These upgrades have been created to give you more clarity and confidence in situations where that really matters, and it will give you increased transparency.

Enhanced navigational performance

Xero is broadening the classifications on its status pages to more fully display its partner tools and product offerings, some of which are region-specific. In other words, instead of just showing Xero Central, Hubdoc, and a choice for five partner tools as it did previously, Xero will now offer a more comprehensive list that you can filter by country.

You’ll also probably notice a big shift in how you access incident history. In the past, past events were reported at the bottom of the page; today, you can click over to a different page to view them. This will not only make it easier for you to browse through the product groups, but it will also provide you more opportunities to interact with occurrences and locate the ones that are pertinent to you (should you want to know more about it).

Increased depth of communication

It is crucial that you obtain regular information about the incident’s resolution during . Although Xero used to update the page every 15 minutes, they recognize that sometimes those frequent updates may not have added value for you.

To fix this, Xero now only sends updates when there has been a significant change. A useful “last reviewed” stamp is now available from Xero. Without clogging up your feed, you can be sure that the issue is being resolved.

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